free 4-day list building challenge 

Kickstart your email list (whether you already have one or are starting from scratch) in a non-icky, simple & honest way that feels good for YOU, your business & your values

Here's some feedback I had about the challenge: "I wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying the challenge. I sign-up for similar freebies all the time, but few deliver as much value as you are." 

I am a huge fan of building an email list as a way to nurture connections & get my business seen by my customers, but I'm well aware that there are two big reasons why people can be put off every getting started... (1) it feels too overwhelming, and (2) it seems "icky" or too salesy.

I get it! But I firmly believe there's a way to build an engaged email list in a way that feels good, that works around your business & values, and that makes you money.

So if email marketing is something you'd like to try, or you've started a list and aren't sure what to do with it, then this challenge is for you.

"I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the #creativeemailchallenge. Launching a newsletter is something I've needed to do for a long time, and the way you broke it down made it seem so doable! The first step is the hardest, and you've helped me take it. I already have some subscribers, thanks to you, and I ACTUALLY ENJOYED writing my first letter. THANK YOU RUTH!” - Dr. Georgina Green, Book Coach

what you'll learn...


This'll help with the "ick" factor (and get you moving the right way)


You'll get your first (or next!) subscribers, in the right way for you.


I've got some ideas & guides to help you get going quickly, without fear, and in way that feels good!

You will come away from the challenge with: your first email list (if you don't have one already), new subscribers, an email written & ready, and - most importantly! - the confidence you need to fit email marketing into your unique business & philosophy.

NOTE: Each day's homework has been deliberately kept simple, so it should take no longer than 30 minutes.


"Thank you for putting together a really simple way to knuckle down and get to grips with an email list. It spurred me on to make some simple but effective changes and I've had 26 new subscribers in the four days of the challenge! It might not sound huge for a big blog but it's pretty big for me and I've been pleasantly surprised by how little simple things (like just having a sign-up page on my website and putting it at the bottom of every blog) have made such a difference. I'm actually excited to send my new and improved letter out next week." - Huma Qureshi, writer & blogger at Our Story Time

About Ruth, the challenge creator...

I'm a UK-based writer and online business owner. I've been running my business since 2008 and I now help creative business owners create a more simple & joyful business that fits around their life & values.  

I blog about the online business experience, my life and business & motherhood, plus I share my behind-the-scenes journey in my fortnightly newsletter. And I also have a podcast, Creatively Human, all about the deeper side of online business.

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