a free & very simple challenge to get you in the journalling habit 


For fun, and for our mental health, let's challenge ourselves to journal every day for one week.

(write whatever you want, for however long you want to!)


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more about #JournalWeek...

I've always dipped in and out of journalling, but on a whim (and knowing the immense benefits of journalling) I decided to challenge myself to journal for a full week, I mentioned my idea on Instagram, and the challenge was born!  

The good news is that this challenge isn't hard, it doesn't take long, and it's completely personal to you. The one and only rule of journal week is that you journal every day during that week.  

Why Journal?  

When I'm in a good run of journalling, it helps me in so many ways. It kickstarts my creativity, it lets me brain dump all my thoughts when I'm feeling overwhelmed, it brings new ideas, and it even helps me notice patterns in my thinking and moods.  

My Personal Journal Week Goals...  

* To journal using pen and paper every day for at least 5 minutes * To get rid of expectations and see what comes up! * To use prompts on at least a couple of days * To try to do it in the morning before I start work * And to share my thoughts on Instagram with the hashtag #journalweek

about ruth, the challenge creator...

I'm a UK-based writer and creative business mentor to quietly ambitious women. I've been running my business since 2008 and I now help other to grow their businesses with greater ease, so that they can get well paid for work they love (in a way that's true to who they are).

I host the Creatively Human podcast, all about the deeper side of online business. I blog about the online business experience, my life and business & motherhood, plus I share my behind-the-scenes journey in my newsletter.  

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