A NEW HASHTAG & CHALLENGE Running February 13th, 14th & 15th


As an alternative to Valentine's Day, let's share the love with our community right here on Instagram.  

We'll make an effort to celebrate & share each other's work, communicate with people who inspire us, tell our audience what they mean to us, and support each other in simple, tiny ways that can make all the difference to an online creator.


There are two ways to join (you can choose both or just one):  

1) Join in on Instagram using the hashtag #onlineactsofkindness Make sure you follow me @ruthpoundwhite for updates. 

2) Click the button above to join the #onlineactsofkindness email list - I'll send you some prompts to help you share & make small but meaningful actions.  

More about #onlineactsofkindness...

I joined Instagram properly (after lurking for years) in June 2018, and it's probably been the most supportive community I've ever been a part of.

I wanted to do something to celebrate and encourage more of that sense of community, so I came up with the new hashtag #onlineactsofkindness. And what better time to start sharing the love than around Valentine's day?

This is a fun challenge with no specific aim in mind, except to boost relationships and make people smile. And I hope that the hashtag will live on once the challenge is over, as a reminder that we can all make a difference to someone's business or creative endeavours with small online acts of kindness. 

Here are the prompts... (and I'll be sharing more info via email/ on my Instagram account before & during the challenge) 

About Ruth, the challenge creator...

I'm a UK-based writer and creative business mentor. I've been running my business since 2008 and I now help creative business owners create a more simple & joyful business that fits around their life & values.  

I host the Creatively Human podcast, all about the deeper side of online business. I blog about the online business experience, my life and business & motherhood, plus I share my behind-the-scenes journey in my newsletter, 'notes & relfections'

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